My 2018 Year in Review

I am a bit late in sharing my 2018 year in review as it’s already April 2019. But I believe it’s better late than never! Also this for the first time I am writing a year in review. After all, it’s a nice idea to reflect on your past and know about the areas where you did well and where you should improve. So here I go…!

My 2018 actually began with some endings. As in Jan 2018, I completed my 6 months internship at UET Game Studio. Graduated with honors from Amal Academy upon completion of my 3 months Career Prep Fellowship. And the 5th semester of my University also came to an end with a quiet good GPA. So 2018 was a fresh start with a lot of lessons from the past year.


Here are some of the key highlights from my year 2018.

💻 Final Year Project

Final Year Project of my CS degree is a Machine Vision Based Fertilizer Recommendation System. It has 3 modules Plant Identification, Plant Health Diagnosis, and Treatment Recommendation based on input image of plant leaf. It’s on the top of the list in my review because I spent almost more than half of my 2018 working on it!

It was one of the most challenging projects mainly because of the intensive research needed to work on it. And it was my first step towards Machine Learning and Computer Vision domain. So there was loads of learning involved in it. And this was the primary reason for selecting this project.

The 3 main deliverables of this project include: WEB API, Android Mobile App, and the Desktop App

So besides research, this project needed competent implementation. The major tools and technologies to develop it include C#, ASP. NET WEB API, Azure, and last but not least Android Studio. Android mobile app is the main deliverable and for performing any functionality it makes a call to the WEB API which has been deployed to Azure. While working on Android app I happened to come across a very useful library called droidQuery the JQuery for Android by Phil Brown. It really helped me to perform complex network tasks within few lines of codes like establishing a connection and making AJAX calls to the WEB API.

Cheers to my group members Komal, Rabia and Husnain for the teamwork spirit and successfully completing all the tasks of this project. We had our evaluation last week and it went superb. Which would not have been possible without the consistent guide and support of our project supervisor Mr. Samyan Qayyum.


💼 Internships & Apprenticeship

In 2018 I completed my 6 months internship at UET Game Studio. Games being my childhood partner always amazed me. I used to wonder how a character on my screen can perform actions just on my click of buttons. So working at UGS revealed all the mystery behind it. From designing the UI\UX to the game’s characters and its animations. Believe me, creating animations was the hardest nut to crack due to the details it requires for smooth functionality. After which was the intensive development. And developing a single 2D game can easily take up to 2-3 months of intensive labor both in terms of design and development. I learned a lot during my internship at UGS and majorly I was clear that game development is not something that I would like to pursue as a career. It’s a cool thing but I think playing games is way more cool than developing games.


Say Hi to the Ginger Bread monster 👋 I created it for one of the games at UGS. Cute! Isn’t?

After my internship at UGS, I had multiple opportunities to avail which includes working with a senior who is running a software house and some notable companies. But keeping in mind the lessons from past this time I was more focused on my studies and learning new skills. Particularly I got more inclined towards web technologies.

So in summer 2018, my interest in web and creative content writing made me able to make my way into getting the apprenticeship of the inspiring tech geek Maedah Batool, who along with Mr. Ahmad Awais, is leading the team theDevCouple and has been into WordPress core contributors and a bunch of amazing open source work. To know more about her amazing work from past year check out her 2018 year in review. I am really humbled for the kind words she mentioned for me in her review.


I have authored a number of extensive reviews for theDevCouple after hands-on testing and analysis of WordPress themes, plugins and API’s. I was only able to do this under the consistent and constructive guidance of Maedah Batool.

⚡ More from 2018

Education For Every Child (EFE Foundation)

Life is not just about living for yourself or your related ones. Being human there is a strong relation of humanity that links us with our fellow beings around us. And I have been fortunate enough to work for the Education of young minds and the future of Pakistan. In 2018 I joined Education For Every Child Foundation as a Campus Director of Media & Public Relations. I have been working for more than 1 year with team EFE to run campaigns for providing free educational facilities and awareness in backward areas of Pakistan. With the support and help of fellows like you team EFE has been able to support the education of more than 150 students under the project of Ibtada School.


The other projects under EFE are: - Dastak: Door to Door campaign for raising educational awareness in backward areas and eradicate child labor. - Edhi Scholarships: Scholarships for students who can’t afford their educational dues. - Heal: Providing medical and financial aid to deserving cases.

If you want to know more or help us in this noble cause of serving humanity and educating the young minds, visit the official page of EFE or feel free to reach me out.


One of the best achievements of 2018 is winning Project Poster Presentation competition in BRAINIAC, ICOSST 18 held in December 2018. It is a national technology competition in which 240 participants from 14 universities presented their 92 projects & more than 1 thousand visitors attended it. And my team grabbed the first position on presenting our Final Year Project. This news also got featured on’s official site.


I participated in Hacktoberfest for the second time and hope to continue it in upcoming fests! Hacktoberfest is held every year in October by DigitalOcean in collaboration with GitHub and Twilio to celebrate the contributions of the community towards open source software. To participate all you have to do is make 5 quality pull requests within October. And then get ready to receive the swag items on your doorstep. Exciting? Yes, it is!



In Jan 2018, I happened to attend an incredible meetup organized by the team of theDevCouple. There was an informative session highlighting the power of JavaScript by Mr. Ahmad Awais, some swag items and one on one session with inspiring Maedah Batool. This was my first meeting with them. I have penned down more of its highlights on Medium previously.


Next was the TheOpenDevConf18 in Oct, 2018. This time I was a co-organizer of this meetup being the part of theDevCouple’s Team. It was held in UET Lahore especially for the students of CS, CE, and EE. The key discussion of this meetup was about JavaScript, APIs, and static Markup. Along with the celebration of open-source on the 5th edition of Hacktoberfest. At the last there was a Q\A session, quick quiz, and a domain giveaway! I also received my own domain where I am publishing this review today. So a huge thanks to my mentor Maedah Batool and Mr. Ahmad Awais for this gift.


Although I didn’t travel much in 2018 still it was far more than the whole of my life together. Mainly I visited the places in Lahore, Faisalabad, Islamabad, Khariaan, and Jhelum. Here is the collage of some of my favorite places.


Sky Lanterns

For the first time in forever, I attended this remarkable event of Sky Lanterns. It is held almost every year at my University but I had been so introvert initially that I didn’t bother to attend any of the events with huge gathering. And now I don’t miss any! That’s the perk of being an ambivert, you can switch back and forth into the world of introverts & extroverts.

Street Art

There’s a little corner in my heart which is attracted by art. So I do random paintings, drawings, and art. Again for the first time, I participated in street art competition along with my buddies Rabia and Komal. It was organized by the Environmental Health Society and went so well that our first street art turned out to be a masterpiece!


🤞 Resolutions for 2019

In 2018 I did the undone and explored new things with the lessons from the past in my head. Although I achieved most of my resolutions. Still, I was not able to maintain a good balance of study, work, and life.

So the most important resolution for 2019 is to SAY NO! Don’t worry I am not planning to turn into the evil. I am just going to say no to the things like unproductive time on screens, extra sleeping hours, extra workload, skipping meals etc. If you have any suggestions about the other things I should say no to for maintaining a balance in life then let me know, I will surely note them down!

Some other resolutions I have in my mind are as follows: - Writing: I want to make full out of my recently published site by sharing my thoughts and experience through regular blogs and articles. For which I have planned to write and publish at least one piece per week - Development: Being a CS student there is a bundle of assignments, term projects, and a final year project to learn and improve the development skills. Now my graduation is just around the corner and I am ready to get into my career in software development and design. I have also planned to start contributing to the OSS community as well. If you have a suggestion for me, let’s connect on Twitter. - Community Work: There are so many amazing people who play an important role in getting you to the position you are standing today. So why not be one of them? Or to support the work of such amazing folks! So that’s what I will be trying to play my role.

That’s all for now! With more positive vibes for the year 2019, Peace 🌟

Fatima Mubeen

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